Reasons for decorating and finishing leather goods

Decoration is the way or a process by which the appearance of an artwork is improved or becomes more attractive. Decoration of articles and works in leather works has several advantages or importance both for producers, customers and the product itself. Post-treatment is the treatment given to products to change, improve or develop its appearance or behavioral characteristics. This treatment improves the hand and makes the products very attractive. It is the last methods and processes for preparing leather for use, polishing, buffing or otherwise after finishing leather artifact. Some of the reasons for decorating and finishing leather products are discussed in this article.

1. To improve the value of the leather goods – Decorate leather aids to increase their aesthetic appeal and make them more attractive.

2. Attracting high prices. Leather decoration helps to add market value to the product. It raises its price and value. This makes the leather craftsman earn a lot of income.

3. To meet export standards. Well-decorated products help such works to meet export standards. They can be exported to other countries to earn foreign currency.

4. To show respect for the customer. Well furnished items in leather make the client feel respected and honored when he comes to the store to buy the product. While poorly decorated leather goods solve or dampen their buyers, well-furnished leather goods enhance their respect.

5. It helps the leather craft to have a sustainable market. A leather craftsman whose leather craft is well-decorated continues to enjoy a long-term market. In addition, the leather craftsman gets a large pool of clients to work with because of his well-decorated leather goods.

There are several reasons for completing leather products. Some of these reasons are described below.

1. To make the work permanent or permanent. When the leather work is finished properly, it makes them time tests and extends the duration of use.

2. To protect work against weather, wear and tear – Finished leather goods are well protected against the harsh weather conditions as well as wear. It helps the works to be resistant to harmful external attacks such as water waste etc.

3. To function as a way to restore leather-designed products in leather that is well-finished has an improved usable and functioning condition. That is, they have good workability and perform better than unfinished leather goods.

4. To prevent mold from growing on leather articles – Finished leather pieces strongly resist the growth of mold, mold, decay and fungal attack.

5. Making them attractive – Leather products that are well-finished attract customers and customers. The purchasing frequency or markets for such products is usually very high.

6. To add value-finished leather products have added value to them. This includes an additional pricing, attraction and market value of the product.