Paradise Lost – Garden of Eden

John Milton was born on December 9, 1608 in London. Milton combines the very pure Renaissance and Reformation movement in his great literary work. Some of his literary contributions are "Ode to Christ Nativity, Paradise Lost", "Lithium", "Allegro" and "II Penseroso" (1633), "Comus" (1634), "Lycidus" (1637) Recycled "," Samson Agonisttes. "

Milton's "Paradise Lost" is a great epic. It is one of the largest English epic of all ages. It gives you the poet's strong intellectual and creative energy. "Paradise Lost" is mainly about God, Satan, Adam, Eve, the battle against heaven between God and Satan, the creation of our first man and woman – Adam and Eve, their happy hours in the Garden of Eden.

We get a very vivid and accurate description of the Garden of Eden in book 4 of "Paradise Lost". Milton shows the beautiful beauty of paradise. We learn that Milton's Garden of Eden and the earthly paradise are planted by the Almighty God in the east of Eden. He writes:

"Eden stretched his line

From Auran east to the royal city

Of great Seleucia, built by Greek kings,

Or were the sons of Eden long before

The world in Telessar "

Finally, the only object of Eden's garden is nice, full of freshness and natural. Each tree in Eden is full of fruits and flowers. It's very beautiful. We learn about TREE of KNOWLEDGE and TREE OF LIFE. Different kinds of trees like cedar wood, pine tree create a very nice picture. These trees form a natural border for the garden of Eden. Every tree is burdened with fruit. All the trees in the garden bear fruits and flowers that shine brightly as the sun's rays fall on them.

The trees of the tree are full of fruits that are really good and full of riches. These trees are not artificially planted. They are full of natural wealth and qualities. Eden is full of natural treasures. There are lawns, glades, valleys, where cattle are grazed freely and happily. The whole nature has given all the treasures to decorate Paradise. There are different flowers of different colors and scents. Adam and Eve often rest in the shady caves of the trees.

Even the caves are decorated with fruit-laden trees and vines. The waterfall gives a soft and mumbling sound. The water is clear as a mirror. The birds sing very sweetly from trees. Paradise air is clean and full of sweet scent. In the knee of such a beautiful nature, God's two most beautiful creatures are caring for their relationship. They are unaware of all the odd plans of Satan.

Milton has given a great description of the flora and fauna world. The whole world of flora contributed to the decoration of paradise. There are different species of roses and jasmines look here and there in the garden. These flowers have different odors and colors. Crocus, hyacinth decorate the garden floor. Milton also describes much of the animal kingdom. There are bears, tigers, elephants and other animal species. As a whole, it is very difficult to describe such a nice atmosphere.

The sky, the land, the horizon, the river, the waterfall are full of sweet smell and sound. It is really hard to find the counterpart to such a large garden as the garden of Eden. The sounds of the birds are delightful to human ears. The sunrise and sunsets in the garden are truly one of the most sought after and most beautiful scenes.

Milton thus gives us a detailed description of the Garden of Eden. Milton is England's second great poet, standing just for Shakespeare to get the nature in order and sentences for readers. Milton is a nature lover. In book 4 he tells a brilliant description of nature and also the charm of Adam and Eve. Milton always treats state and majestic themes. Milton's concept is high and large. "Paradise Lost" is born from its pure imaginative mind. He mixes both modernity and ancient and mythological themes, incidents and character that is greater than life.