Decorative Blossoming Bonsai Trees

Indoor or outdoor decorative blooming bonsai trees

Some bonsai trees like any other tree flower and produce fruit. For example, a common apple tree produces a lovely apple flower and later gives an apple crop. However, the big difference is the size of the tree! A well-maintained bonsai tree is an extremely attractive and decorative tree if kept indoors or outdoors in a highly visible area.

Flower crab apple or Malus Sargenti is an excellent example of an outdoor bonsai tree. The miniature flower gives a beautiful white apple flower in the spring, followed by small crab apples, and since the autumn, the crab apples will be colored to different shades of red, yellow and orange.

Blooming Rosa Hibiscus or Anisodontea Scabrosa is an excellent example of an indoor blooming bonsai tree. This bonsai tree comes from South Africa and produces wonderful pink flowers for most of the year.

If you want to show your bonsai indoors then you can add the quality of the screen in a number of ways. The first and most obvious is to choose a suitable container for your bonsai tree, this is usually a ceramic pot that is often decorated with an oriental pattern! Choose what you want to see in your home so that it has appropriate drainage holes. You probably want a drip tray or similar (I used to call them a pad!). This prevents water from draining from the pot onto the standing surface. The drip tray / humidifier should always keep some water. Maintaining humidity around your bonsai tree will provide an excellent bonsai growing environment. Once you have selected your pot and drip trays, you may want some kind of stand that can be anything from a simple wooden table to a beautiful rotating scaffold that allows you to easily and often change your bonsai tree aspect in the room. Some of the very elaborate screens for indoor bonsai are almost breathtaking. Frequent use of stones and stones will provide a simple but attractive background image for your bonsai tree. However, some of these screens are a true art form in themselves and represent a miniature mountain and / or river landscape. With your miniature landscape and miniature trees, you really have a Landscape Penjing which means "landscape in a tray".

If you are going to show your bonsai outdoors then you have many more options depending on your own outdoor area. You can have a small balcony for your apartment (or apartment), a large wooden floor, a stone (maybe concrete) patio or just a very nice garden. Whatever your situation, you can be creative with attractive pots. Many bonsai screens include pebbles or pebbles. Again, your choice and ideas are almost limitless for outside bonsai. If you are a real bonsai fanatic, you can easily create a whole bonsai screen with several trees of different sizes and characteristics. Another option for external bonsai screen is a custom built display bench. A display bench can simply consist of 2 or more solid pieces of wood, suitably treated, located over two small walls or built wooden frames. The idea of ​​the bonsai bench is to enable you to show the trees at their best while at the same time making life as easy as possible for you – the bonsai carer. With a suitable bench, you can access the bonsai tree or probably trees to water, prune, etc. without having to constantly bend to the tree or move the tree to where it is convenient for yourself.