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Peinture abstraite Full HD Sony Alpha 6000, démonstration de peinture à l'art abstrait, peinture acrylique – YouTube

Still life is an art concept that refers to a special type of image. It represents an arrangement of vivid objects (then the name) as a bowl, cup or fruit. Usually the arrangement is made according to the artist's purpose. A pencil drawing can be symbolic, with an underlying meaning or aesthetic, in which case the purpose is to communicate beauty.

About Stilleben Penna Drawings

Life-long work can have many purposes. If we work in color, it can help us understand how color schemes work in reality, how the light runs and how an arrangement of colors can give a special mood to the painting. With the help of color pencils, we can start studying color and work with the finest details. But when it comes to black-and-white pen drawings, the purpose of the still life pencil drawing is different. A pencil drawing can help us study forms and see how they interact on our eyes, we learn to measure correct proportions and how they can make the difference between a good drawing and a remarkable drawing.

When we get into the shade we study tonal values. There are no colors here so we have to learn how we see things in black and white mode and correctly define which ones will be the dark and bright areas of our life-time stamp drawing.

Still life is the most accessible subject in the world, and while some people may think it is still lifelong to boring, the fact is that they learn a lot. When you have no idea what to draw, just make an arrangement of things you have in your house and start your pen drawing with still life. Don't just take cups and fruits, but focus on what you can learn from this. If you continue to practice drawing still-life scenarios, you will find that you have a much better understanding of how light works, and how the objects relate to each other in a composition and a color scheme.