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Choose the right bikini for the summer

1946, Louis Reard, an engineer - and a Frenchman, of course! - Trendy two-piece swimsuit from 30 inches of fabric. Reard's rival in bikini design, Jacques Helm, was actually the first to create the 20's iconic two-piece swimsuit. Helmet called his design "the atom" in a node to the smallest particle in the world known at that time. A marketing genius presented Reard's shady two-part design five days after the US began atomic testing in the Bikini Atoll and called it "bikini" to suggest it would have the same explosive impact on society as an A bomb.

Bikini is a women's two-piece swimsuit that covers breast and groin areas. It was considered risqué when it first appeared in 1946, but the two-part design was actually a throwback to very old times. Wikipedia cites the earliest form of a bikini that occurs in the Chalcolithic Era (3500 BC to 1700 BC). Bikini occurs in ancient Roman mosaics and murals, suggesting that they were popular as swimsuits among Roman women. Archaeologists have found Minoan murals (circa 1600 BC), which show a two-part design that is very similar to the modern bikini, and women who wear bikinis appear on ancient Greek urns, ancient Sicilian floor mosaics and statues from Pompeii.

Bikinis were generally accepted as swimwear on the French Riviera long before they were embroidered by the public in the United States. Bikini was introduced to the United States in 1947, but its scandalous status remained in force well into the 1950s. Many American cities have also passed laws to prohibit bikini being carried in public. In 1957, the Modern Girl magazine "It is imperative to waste words on the so-called bikini because it is unthinkable that any girl with pace and decency ever should have such a thing." American women did not really jump on the bikini bandwagon until the end of the 1960s with the start of the so-called Sexual Revolution. Since then, bikini and its stylish variations have become the most popular swimsuit style in the United States

Because there are so many variations in bikini design, it helps to familiarize yourself with the available styles before you shop. Also, be aware that your body shape and your confidence will also affect the style you choose extremely.

Bikini Styles

The following bikini list provides basic descriptions of the many types of bikini currently on the market.

String Bikini - This classic, shady style has four strategically placed triangles connected by strings.

Tankini - A tank style top and a traditional, string or tin bottom.

Bandini - A strapless tub or bandeau top combined with a regular bikini bottom.

Camikini - A kamisol top that supports larger breasts in combination with any type of bikini bottom.

Thong - A bikini top with the bottom covering the groin with a small piece of fabric connected by strings on the sides and between the buttocks.

Halter bikini - A top with a band that circles the neck and attaches to the bodice in combination with a traditional bikini bottom.

Micro bikini - A strict bikini top with small triangles covering nipples and a little more, with a g-string bottom.

Monokini - A shabby bikini attached to a strip of fabric running from top to bottom or a bikini bottom worn without a top.

Sportbikini - Used by women who love sports, it has a top that is as supportive as a bra and a traditional bikini bottom.

Seekini - All types of bikini that are "translucent" and usually only worn on some beaches.

Bikini material, colors and care

Armed with this knowledge of the most popular bikini types, you can now continue to consider what kind of material your bikini is made of, its color options and the care it will require. The best selection of bikini styles and style options can be found by visiting a regular brick-and-mortar store or online store that lets you mix and match tops and bottoms for the best fit. The ability to combine tops and bottoms allows you to be creative in using solid colors and / or patterns to develop your own personal bikini style.

Bikini Grooming

And don't forget the serious need to cope with your bikini hair to match the type of bikini you plan to wear. Choose grooming products especially for the pubic area, so you will not suffer from engraved hair or rashes. Then you can be sure that you see your amazing best in your new bikini!

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