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Den kompakta men full av stil och personlighet. Detta säte med rygg är mycket lämpligt för bord i denna stil eftersom de är superkomfortabla. Annons Rf Arkitekturdekoration #arquiteturadecoracao #olioliteam

A kitchen is a place where you will find the maximum number of appliances for energy and water. However, just buying the most efficient appliances will not solve your problems.

If you care about the environment and want to start the change directly from your kitchen, you can follow these simple tips to get an eco-friendly kitchen.
Save water by using good taps
A lot of water is wasted due to taps that rush out water at high pressure, even if it is not needed. Your regular kitchen faucet lets out as much as 18 gallons of water every minute. You can use a high star rating (low flow) and reduce it to 2 liters per minute.
Try recycled products
Recycled products are readily available today. You can use recycled materials and fittings to make your environmentally friendly and at the same time very unique. You can get almost anything at auction houses and rescue yards.
Choose renewable materials
If you really want to be environmentally friendly, you must eliminate the use of old growth timber and natural stones in the kitchen. Choose environmentally friendly wood such as bamboo, cork or other plantations. If you want the marble look you can try new cheaper and easily accessible materials like Marmoleum which are also renewable.
Use environmentally friendly materials for your kitchen decor
Most adhesives and paints produce toxic compounds after drying up. All of these emissions can cause various breathing problems and allergies. To a certain extent, they contribute to global warming. Now that you know this, you can choose adhesives and paints that have very few VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
Insulation and lighting
Proper insulation is often neglected in most homes. If you want your kitchen to be environmentally friendly, make sure it is well insulated. You could keep your room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. You must make sure that you do not use many fiberglass particles for insulation.
When it comes to lighting, you need to have as much natural light in your room as possible. Choose energy saving lamps and pipes. Your kitchen should have enough natural light so you can work without turning on any light bulb or tube during the day.
By following these simple tips you can get a functional yet environmentally friendly kitchen.